Have you ever noticed how sometimes your car key stops working when it’s the worst possible time? It could happen when you’re rushing to work or going shopping with your family. It’s really annoying when your car key doesn’t work in the ignition or when you can’t find it. But don’t worry, there are common reasons for these problems, and some are easier to fix than others. To help you figure out what’s wrong and when you might need to call local locksmith Olympia WA, let’s look at the top five reasons why car keys can stop working.

Broken Car key

You know how keys are like tools for your car, right? Well, just like any tool, they can get worn out over time. When you use your car key a lot, it can get damaged from being in your pocket, getting dropped, or being used in the car’s locks. This damage can make the key not work properly with your car’s locks anymore. When that happens, you’ll need to get a new key from a professional.

Damaged Lock

Sometimes, problems with the door locks can be the issue, not the keys. If your car’s door lock is broken, you may have trouble opening the door. You won’t be able to insert the key, and a damaged door lock can put your car’s security at risk. In the past, before key fobs came along, you had to manually put the keys into the door locks, which caused more wear and tear. Car owners should avoid using oils or sprays on their car doors as it can harm the locks. If you notice any damage to your car door’s lock, contact a local auto locksmith for assistance.

Dead Key Fob Batteries

Sometimes, the easiest solution is the right one. If your car’s remote control doesn’t unlock your car, it could be because the batteries in your remote control are dead. Luckily, fixing this is pretty simple. When your remote control’s batteries start to run out, just get the right kind of batteries for it and put them in.

Lost Programing

Modern car keys often have electronic chips that need to be programmed to your car. If this programming gets messed up, your key won’t work right.

Locked Steering Wheel

Sometimes, if your steering wheel is locked, it can make your key hard to turn or remove. This can be easily fixed by turning the wheel while trying to turn the key.

If you ever have trouble with your car keys, don’t worry too much. Many times, it’s a simple problem that can be fixed by a locksmith or a visit to the dealership.