Ever pondered the distinction between various keys? Well, there are two primary types: laser cut keys and regular cut keys. Let’s explore the simple differences between them.

Laser Cut Keys
Crafted with precision, laser cut keys are created using a special machine equipped with a laser for precise shaping. The laser’s accuracy allows for intricate designs on the key, resulting in cuts that are both easy to use and precise. Typically endowed with a shiny appearance, laser cut keys are commonly found in modern cars.

Regular Cut Keys
In contrast, regular cut keys are fashioned through traditional cutting methods. A key blank, featuring a basic key shape, is inserted into a cutting machine equipped with various blades that carve the key’s pattern into the blank. Regular cut keys tend to have a more straightforward design compared to laser cut keys and are commonly found in older cars and numerous everyday locks.

Key Differences

Complexity: Laser cut keys boast intricate and complex designs, contrasting with the simpler patterns of regular cut keys.

Precision: Laser cut keys, shaped by a laser, exhibit a high level of precision and accuracy in their design. In contrast, regular cut keys, while accurate, may feature slightly rougher edges due to the cutting process.

Appearance: The polished and shiny look of laser cut keys sets them apart from the simpler and less polished appearance of regular cut keys.

Security: Laser cut keys are renowned for their heightened security. Their intricate designs make them challenging to duplicate, offering superior protection against unauthorized key copying. Regular cut keys, while still secure, may be comparatively easier to duplicate.

When it comes to innovative locks and key cutting challenges, a locksmith is the primary choice. Locksmith Myrtle Beach is proficient in handling both laser-cut keys and regular-cut keys. Laser cut keys, akin to secret codes for modern cars, are precise and challenging to copy due to their complex shapes. On the other hand, regular keys, with basic designs resembling circles and squares, are typically found in older cars and are easier to duplicate. Understanding these distinctions helps elucidate why some keys are deemed special while others are not.